27th April : Places Available on English Wheeling Course



26th April : Bodmin Fly-in on 1st May : Ladies In Aviation

The reasoning behind this decision was two fold. Firstly to honour and remember all lady flyers since the early ... MORE

22nd Apr: OFCOM Charging For VHF Licences

LAA & GAA final response can be found here

NERL Ltd Price Control Review for Control Period 3

Recently the Airline Group on NATS customer panel proposed that GA should take on the costs of services ..... MORE

21st Apr: CAA FODCOM – volcanic ash advice

Advice for General Aviation Pilots - download

15th Apr: CAA Announces Go-ahead for flying training from unlicensed Aerodromes

NOTAL 2010/01: Amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2009 issue

9th Apr: LAA Photo Library

The photo library has now reached another milestone with the uploading last night of our 2000 image ........ MORE

7th Apr: Regulating Air Transport - Consultation on Proposals to Update the Regulatory Framework for Aviation

Questions asked in the House of Lords 30th March ..... MORE

31st Mar: Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA)

CLOSED 12th April - Latest Update

25th Mar: VFR Airspace Guide Microsite

A very useful video produced to help pilots negotiate airspace without entering controlled areas and becoming a statistic

1st March: LAA Book Sale!!!

Save up to 25% on all books available from the LAA shop. Offer runs until end of April. More details on-line.


4th Nov : LAA Sywell Rally 2010

Following the successful ‘dress rehearsal’ of the Sywell Revival Rally 2009, the Light Aircraft Association, in .... MORE


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